Uncovering Pillowy Paczki Delights in Metro Detroit

The tradition of making paczki for Fat Tuesday has deep roots in Polish households, originating as a means to utilize excess shortening and eggs and prevent food waste before the onset of Lent. This indulgent tradition endures, with bakeries across metro Detroit presenting irresistible doughnuts filled with a variety of flavors, including prune, apricot, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, and custard.Paczki Day is Feb. 13 this year, and many bakeries, stores and restaurants will be offering the lard-laden confection to customers in celebration of the Polish holiday.

That’s a whole week away, though. If you’re not one to deal with long lines or a preordering process and just want a paczek now, here are my favorite places to get them beyond the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday each year.

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