Robin Seymour: Detroit’s Legendary DJ w/ Video

Robin Seymour, often hailed as the “Dick Clark of Detroit,” was a pivotal figure in the city’s music scene during the 1950s and 1960s. As a radio DJ and television host, Seymour played a crucial role in introducing Motown and rock ‘n’ roll to Detroit audiences and beyond.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Born on January 8, 1928, Seymour began his broadcasting career in the early 1950s, working for various radio stations in Detroit. His charisma and passion for music quickly caught the attention of listeners, earning him a devoted following. In 1954, Seymour joined WKMH radio, where he hosted the popular show “Bobbin’ with Robin,” showcasing the latest hits and emerging talents.

The Heyday of “Swinging Time”

Seymour’s career reached its zenith with the launch of “Swinging Time” in 1964, a groundbreaking television dance show that revolutionized the local music scene. Airing on CKLW-TV Channel 9, the program featured live performances by top artists and showcased the latest dance crazes. With Seymour as the affable host, “Swinging Time” became a cultural phenomenon, attracting a diverse audience and catapulting him to national prominence.

Influence and Legacy

Beyond his role as a DJ and television personality, Seymour played a pivotal role in promoting Motown artists, including Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and The Supremes. His unwavering support and platform provided invaluable exposure for these burgeoning talents, helping to solidify Detroit’s reputation as a music powerhouse.

Seymour’s impact extended beyond the airwaves; he was also instrumental in organizing live concerts and events, further cementing his status as a beloved figure in the Detroit music scene.

Later Years and Recognition

As the music landscape evolved, Seymour continued to adapt, embracing new genres and trends while remaining true to his roots. Although “Swinging Time” eventually ended its run in 1968, Seymour’s influence endured, earning him numerous accolades and honors throughout his career.

In recognition of his contributions to music and broadcasting, Seymour was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2005, cementing his status as a cultural icon.


Robin Seymour’s legacy as a pioneering DJ and television host remains indelible, shaping the sound and spirit of Detroit’s vibrant music scene. His passion, charisma, and dedication to promoting emerging artists continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike, ensuring that his imprint on the city’s cultural landscape endures for years to come.

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