SuperNight Film Premier in Novi on Saturday, February 27


Independent Michigan filmmakers showcase community with premiere event
Novi, MI – Livonia based, SuperHouse Pictures is hosting a premiere event on Saturday, February 27, 2010, at the Novi Town Center 8, 26085 Town Center Drive, Novi, MI, 48375. The doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the screenings are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend and support Michigan’s growing film industry. The program will feature five short films created by Michigan film makers:
Baby Daddy’s Girl, Penny’s from Heaven, Nevaeh’s Message, The Making of Daughter? (Documentary) and How to Feel in America Today.

In 2003, before the influx of Hollywood productions became commonplace in Michigan, SuperHouse Pictures was established by Gregory Morrison, Shane Sevo and Joe Wells. With modest beginnings, SuperHouse Pictures has grown from three guys with a camera to a community rich with talent and creativity. The team’s efforts were recognized last summer by Crain’s Detroit Business’, on-line Detroit Make It Here, when the production company was featured in an article highlighting their success. “We don’t just make movies, we nurture relationships, cultivate material, and create opportunities.” said Morrison.

Lawrence J. Straughen, a supporting actor from the trio’s 2005 short film project, Funnel Face: The Musical, returned to explore writing opportunities with the SuperHouse sponsored, Project Lightstand. Designed to cultivate screenplays for film production, Project Lightstand was launched in the winter of 2006. The premiere event boasts 4 scripts written by Project Lightstand alumni.

Project Lightstand is a workshop and a sounding board for ideas. It keeps me focused and creates deadlines. Lightstand is a great resource for writers, said Straughen. The Novi Town Center 8 screening of Penny’s from Heaven and Baby Daddy’s Girl, were both penned by Mr. Straughen as SuperHouse entries for the 48 Hour National Film Challenge, a contest with required script components and a grueling production schedule. The SuperHouse team has received numerous awards, but in 2008, Baby Daddy’s Girl received national attention with a Best Picture nomination.

Melissa Kerley, director and screenwriter of Nevaeh’s Message,formed her own production company, Generation Courage, in 2005. Ms. Kerley had wrapped production on her first film, Learning to Fly and learned of SuperHouse, through an actor common to both. The first collaboration came in 2006 with the short film, Who’s Jumping? “I brought a feminine touch to the boys club.” said Kerley. Generated through Project Lightstand, her script tells the story of a videographer on the hunt for a rare albino deer, who falls prey to her past and the hauntings of a child.

The documentary, The Making of Daughter? is a behind the scenes look at the production of the gritty family drama. Jeremy Salo and his company, CLV Productions, brought the script and documentary to life, but Salo’s involvement with Project Lightstand brought the Daughter?

script to paper. A second script, iTeen, originating through Project Lightstand, has recently wrapped principle photography.

The short film, How To Feel In America Today will also be screened. In 2008, Joe and Nicole Wells began working on an experimental film project. “We wanted to create a film that freed us from the constraints of traditional film making, developing a process that focused on acting and cinematography.” said Mr. Wells. The movie deals with abortion and adoption. It empowers the viewer to see this divisive issue through new eyes.

The short films featured at the Novi screening are all encompassed under the SuperHouse umbrella. They do make movies, but there is a story behind every relationship nurtured, script cultivated and opportunity created to make Michigan’s independent film community shine a spotlight on SuperHouse for their premiere event.

Shane Sevo

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