The Holy Family makes a Second Coming in Fenton

In a triumphant return, Trinity Lutheran Church in Fenton proudly unveils its outdoor Nativity display for the second consecutive year. The restoration efforts initiated by Doug Beaudry and his wife, Pam, in 2022 have not only preserved this beloved Christmas tradition but have also set the stage for a breathtaking encore.

Having adorned the church grounds since the mid-1960s, the nearly life-size fiberglass Nativity set had weathered the years, with paint fading and wind damage taking a toll. Recognizing the need for intervention, the Beaudrys took on the task of restoring the cherished figures. Transporting the Nativity set to their Tyrone Township home, they embarked on a comprehensive restoration process, investing months of meticulous effort.

The Beaudrys’ dedication was driven by a desire for community outreach and the preservation of a tradition that had graced Trinity Lutheran Church for decades. Doug emphasized the importance of the Nativity scene, stating, “The condition of the Nativity scene was embarrassing.” Their goal was to ensure the display’s continued role as a source of pride for Trinity.

Doug’s expertise in fiberglass repair, reinforcement, and careful attention to detail ensured the structural integrity of each figure. From sanding away the signs of aging to installing additional stakes for stability, the restoration efforts were a labor of love. Pam contributed significantly by applying fresh coats of paint, breathing new life into the iconic figures. Even a missing shepherd’s hand found a replacement, sourced online.

Last year expressing gratitude on behalf of the congregation, Pastor Peter Ahlersmeyer acknowledged the diverse talents within Trinity and celebrated the Beaudrys’ specialized skill in fiberglass repair. He remarked, “After decades of use and weathering the elements, the deterioration of the Nativity was starting to be noticeable from the road. Thankfully, Doug and Pam’s efforts have bought us many more decades of displaying this well-loved Christmas display.”

The restoration, completed in 2022, set the stage for a triumphant return last year when the Nativity scene graced the south lawn of Trinity Lutheran Church. Now, in its second public appearance, the newly restored Nativity continues to bless the community, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Christmas. Doug and Pam’s unwavering dedication has not only extended the life of this beloved Christmas display but promises to kindle the spirit of the season for years to come, marking a joyous annual tradition for Fenton residents.  The community can view the restored Nativity scene on the south lawn of Trinity Lutheran Church at 1025 Main St., Fenton.


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