Avoid Eye Contact At All Costs

Civil Inattention, in part, is the act of avoiding eye contact as you pass someone on the sidewalk. If you pretend they don’t exist, you don’t have to care about them. In some Philosophies they have determined this is how cities have survived for so long. My wife and I go for walks quite frequently and actually SHOCK people as we say hi to everyone we pass. I remember growing up and thinking it rude not to at least say HI. We’ve already had enough about not caring about each other in this world, the least we can do is take 3 seconds out of our day to say Hi.

Ok, now about the statue. This statue is an icon of Detroit called “The Spirit of Detroit”. Which is kind of funny, as the statue was made in Norway using a Norwegian model and was never officially named. The scripture behind it gave it the name. I’ve seen pictures of this statue when it was first installed, without the scripture, and it looks so bare without it. – Detroit Derek

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