Like A Good Neighbor – Tom Daldin Is There

By Richard Dalton

We have great neighbors in Downtown Rochester ! !

One of them is Tom Daldin, but where is he? He’s definitely in my neighborhood, but he’s also all over the State of Michigan.   Back in the days of carpooling our kids to school, there was some confusion – Daldin ?/ Dalton? sounds a bit alike to the teacher’s ear.  Years later, we find our neighbor has gone nomadic on us traveling all over our state.  Living by our state motto:  “Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice” WHAT? You need a translation?   OK… “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Tom’s been looking about him and making quite a big deal about it.   In fact he’s broadcasting ! !  Not just on the web like we all can, he’s gone way beyond YouTube to our local PBS stations with a show called Under the Radar.   Ok, we also will post a couple YouTube samples to tempt you to the television version.   Tom’s a great neighbor, although he and wife Kathy have been boycotting our neighborhood wine gatherings.  (Tom and Kathy, LOOK ABOUT YOU and have a glass. )

If you’d like a real trip in Michigan or beyond, you might call Kathy Daldin who runs a Rochester Downtown Travel Agency;  Shamrock Travel on Main Street.   If you seek some travel, call her, I’d rather she not be “under the radar”.

Under The Radar Website

Under the Radar Facebook Page

Shamrock Travel | 205 S Main St | Rochester | MI | 48307 | (248) 656-3500    Website

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