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“As far as panini’s go, Panini Press is about the best panini I’ve EVER had.”  – Dan N. – from

The Panini Press was founded on the idea of offering simple, hand made panini prepared with quality ingredients sourced locally and served in a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Our mission from day one has been to offer a healthier and tastier alternative to the widely available standardized sandwich options.

While we are a sandwich shop, we don’t cut corners or pre-make our panini, therefore, our sandwiches are always fresh. We value every person who walks through our door. And when you visit The Panini Press, you’ll see that the quality of our food is matched only by our desire to always make you feel welcome.
– Linda Skoczek Founder

Linda’s Story

Unbeknown to her at the time, a vacation to Italy planted the seed for what eventually blossomed into The Panini Press. While there, Founder Linda Skoczek was drawn to the simplicity of panini. There was no complicated ordering system. No laundry list of ingredients a mile long. In short, what Linda experienced was a sandwich – or panino – that was simple and delicious. This fond culinary memory laid dormant in Linda’s mind for a handful of years until she realized this was exactly what was missing in her local market of Berkley, Michigan.

Linda had already been on this path of putting quality and simplicity above convenience. She had for years taken great pride in making sure her children went to school with healthy lunches – baking homemade bread, cooking real turkey and chicken breast, making homemade soups and cookies.

After twenty years in the food service industry, everything seemed to coalesce for Linda to take the leap and act on a lifelong dream of opening her own restaurant. Her children were grown and living on their own, and little by little everything seemed to fall into place. After personally developing the entire menu, Linda found a space, pulled together a business plan and secured financing. Her dream became a reality.

Fast forward to July 6, 2009 when the doors at The Panini Press were officially opened. That same quality and care that went into preparing her children’s lunches is applied daily at The Panini Press. Everything is made to order fresh, using top quality ingredients for all sandwiches and sourcing nearly all products locally. In their fully functional kitchen, The Panini Press staff cooks all the chicken and turkey used in their sandwiches and creates their signature sauces and soups from scratch.

Radiating warmth and hospitality, The Panini Press always goes the extra mile for their customers because they truly do matter. Whether it’s getting to know your name or sandwich preference, you will always feel welcome here and not like just another number in line.


P Press

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28983 Woodward Ave. Berkley, MI 48072 – Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

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