Sometimes You Just Need A Little More Color In Your Life

Before I get any comments that this one is way over the top, it’s meant to be. 🙂

A remake of an oldie but a goodie. Located on Mack Avenue, the former Pfeiffer Brewery plants here were built in 1912, a few weeks after the company was created. This bottling plant was built in 1940. The entire plant was abandoned in 1966 and part of it now ( this compex is 4 huge buildings and takes up an entire city block ) is used for bus/truck repair by a company called Nelson.

Some history of Pfeiffer and this building: the majority of the plant was built in 1912. This is the bottling plant, which was built in 1940 and was the last addition to be built here. In 1962, in an effort to expand their market share. Pfeiffer purchased Weideman and Frankenmuth breweries, and renamed the company Associated Brewery. The company closed all operations at this plant in 1966 and moved to Indiana, as it was apparently cheaper to brew there ( sarcasm intended, as they should have learned from Studenbaker’s mistakes ). It sold off all of it’s brands in 1972. The company was then renamed Armada Corporation, is still in business, and has an office in the Penobscott Building in Detroit. – Detroit Derek

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