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John Paul School in Chelekura, Uganda, has become a beacon of hope and education in the region, fostering an environment where young minds can thrive and achieve their dreams. Established with a vision to provide quality education to children in Chelekura and the surrounding communities, the school has grown into a cornerstone of academic excellence and personal development. The dedicated staff and passionate educators at John Paul School are committed to nurturing the potential of every student, ensuring they receive the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their future endeavors.

One of the remarkable aspects of John Paul School is its strong connection to the metro Detroit area in the United States. This relationship has been instrumental in the school’s development and success. Various organizations and individuals from metro Detroit have generously supported the school through donations, volunteer work, and fundraising efforts. This international partnership has not only provided financial assistance but also fostered a cultural exchange that enriches the lives of students and teachers alike. The bond between John Paul School and metro Detroit exemplifies the power of global cooperation in advancing educational opportunities for all

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JPSS students continue to excel in their exams and word about the success of the school is spreading.  Given that, we are expecting nearly 700 students to join us on campus this year!

With all the support in 2023 from our amazing donors, we are now in a position to begin the construction of two new critically needed dorms for our students.  Our next crucial step is to provide the school with additional classrooms.  We currently have the original 8 classrooms that were built in 2007 and the science center which includes 4 labs and a library, built in 2011.  These buildings were designed with space for up to 400 students, so you can imagine how crowded the classrooms will be when we have 700 or more on campus later this year.

Our Director Fr. John, has negotiated an agreement with the Ugandan government, to relocate the government-run primary school currently located on the JPSS campus. This is a joint effort which benefits and is fully supported by both parties. There is also some cost-sharing and enhancements, The primary school will occupy newly acquired property across the street.  JPSS will replicate the existing four buildings housing nine classrooms and an office. New for the primary school is water on site. The recently completed water project at JPSS will be expanded to pipe water directly to the school and include a number of taps available to the local community.

The government will construct the latrines and other structures needed to support the primary school in its new location. Once completed, JPSS will then be able to take over the existing primary classroom buildings which, once refurbished, will provide our campus with an additional 9 classrooms. It’s a terrific arrangement that will give the younger (primary) and older (JPSS) students their own spaces and separation while positioning the new classrooms for JPSS use near our existing ones.

Will you please consider being a part of the expansion of our campus and help make Room to Learn for all of our deserving students?

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