LookUp Project for Cities – An Invite for Christians to Create Local Public Squares

Jesus called his disciples to be the salt of the earth and light of the world.  Our Biblical convictions are too often being canceled and put under a basket.

The LookUp Project is here to provide Online local lampstands/Platforms in our various major cities. The LookUp Projects has many domains in waiting for local Christians to create their own lampstands.

Rev. Richard Dalton

Chuck Colson said it well, “Christians need to get out of the pews and into the public square, showing the world a better way.”

Christians have a unique role to play in the public square:
to be salt and light, and to work for the common good.” – Timothy Keller

“We must not be afraid to bring our faith into the public square, for it is there that we can make the greatest impact
on the culture around us.”- Dr. James Dobson

A LookUp domain that includes your city such as LookUpDetroit.com with a “.com” extension offers credibility, global reach, easy recall, SEO benefits, perceived authority, email credibility, and brand recognition, making it a trustworthy and versatile choice for your city-related website or Digital Public Square”.


The words “LOOK UP play an important role in internet searches and are widely used keywords. 

Then the people will LOOK UP to the one who made them.
Their eyes will see the Holy One of Israel.   Isaiah 17:7

LookUpDetroit.com is an Ad-Free and Non-Profit Metro wide Effort

We have a calling to share “Good News” and to reach out to “Neighbors”.

There is no doubt we live in a day when the internet has taken over much of our attention, whether we are looking for news, and resources, interacting with others, shopping and so much more. All this is available on our phones, tablets, and PCs. We also see too many “internet gatekeepers”, such as search engines and social networks, tilting their searches and algorithms against those with biblical convictions and content.  As Christians, we see ourselves too often being kicked out and canceled on the “Digital Public Square”.

In 2003 in the Chambers of the U. S. Senate, I offered the opening prayer asking God that each of us would discover our gifts and embrace our callings for our nation’s common benefit and to God’s Glory.  Now in 2024, I know our gifts and callings from God are even more desperately needed in our nation’s many cities wider culture, and public squares.

There are several reasons believers are in a unique position to host and curate an “Online Public Squares” in our various cities in North America.  Let’s “show the world a better way” by creating many “Public Squares/Community Websites.

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